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28 June 2017

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FOUR + A Year and a Day £6.00
FOUR + A Year and a Day

*SPECIAL OFFER* Buy both DVDs 'Four' and 'A Year and a Day' for only £6.00
FOUR £5.00

FOUR is a ghost story anthology consisting of four segments exploring belief.

1. HIGHLAND FLING: Lost in the Highlands, a young couple at the start of their relationship meet an older couple at the end of theirs.

2. FLOWERS: John ans Simon meet in a park for a conversation with Simon's ghost wife.

3. WEE MONKEYS: During coffee, Sunshine finds her beliefs challanged by an outspoken stranger.

4. THE SEANCE: Three strangers accept an invitation to a seance where they speak to thier loved ones on the other side.

If you like films that make you think with mysteries to solve and twists to guess. Then this is the movie for you.
A Year and a Day £5.00
A Year and a Day

'A Year And A Day' an unusual story of The Flills who are a successful, well respected working class Glaswegian family who founded and run the local community centre. Mikey Flills is the backbone of the family, who selflessly keeps the family together and happy with his enormous charm and huge personality. But Mikey has many secrets, which lead to him leaving his family behind without any explanation.

He returns a year later to make amends. He visits his fathers' grave to speak to him before he returns to his broken family to give them answers. Will he atone? What devastation will he find? How will the family react?

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