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28 June 2017
You can buy the 'FORE' DVD here
Hello one, 

1)      Highland Fling: I would like to thank everyone who attended our debut film premiere at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Tuesday 4th September and gave us their support. It was greatly appreciated by all at Sorepaw.
2)      Wee Monkeys:  I am still in disbelief at the audience’s response to the film. The best I was personally hoping for was “Nice first effort for amateurs” and the worst was dead silence broken by a single hand clapping. Surprisingly and fortunately neither of these things happened.
3)      Flowers: It got laughs, gasps and tears in all the places it was supposed to (and more) and unexpected cheers at the end. As an untrained, inexperienced filmmaker, it was encouraging that after all the time and effort put into making this film; it could make an audience feel something. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks.
4)      The Séance: No one can make a film on their own. All you can do is conceive an idea, follow it through with steely, unwavering conviction and hope that others will get on board and go on that long journey with you. I am lucky enough to have friends and family that believe in me. This wasn’t my night (I really don’t care for such things), it was their night and they will always have my loyalty and sincerest gratitude for daring to dream along with me. After all, people from a housing scheme should not be able to do this kind of thing.

Mon the Milton

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