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28 June 2017

Corporate Work

In todays fast moving business environment video can play a big part in promoting your company or products, whether it is a polished corporate promotion or a Youtube viral they all play a part. We have recently worked on a few videos with clients to help them get their message across and the type of videos we have been producing are as diverse as the products featured and the intended use. Some of our recent projects include:

Promotional car videos
This was a job we did for a major car dealership in the Edinburgh area and included making small promotional videos of some of their more exotic cars including Lotus and Rolls Royce models. The idea behind this project was to allow potential customers to view the car and it’s features in a quick walk around style. The videos can then be linked from Youtube or Vimeo hosting and displayed on their website allowing them to attract custom from anywhere with a web connection. We were able to put together a attractive package for them that made the overall cost per car filmed price effective especially when the vehicles are high value items.
Training videos
With so many businesses using web based e-learning applications to help their employees achieve training targets and gain qualifications, we recently did a training video focused on a car dealership but intended for an e-learning site. The video shows by example how to prepare a vehicle for promotion on the company’s website including, positioning and photographing the vehicle and finally the uploading of the images to the website.
Event Filming
Having an event? Would you like to capture it for later use? Perhaps as a pod cast for training or promotion purposes. This is something we have also tackled successfully. We were approached to film a Zero Waste Scotland event with three guest speakers for a client who required the final output to be three individual videos that they could use at a later date. We were able to offer them the choice of having the event filmed from a single view point or from multiple camera angles. The latter was chosen and we delivered the videos on time and to the customers satisfaction.